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It is not my intention to hold Pati\u00F1o\u2019s album up against one he didn\u2019t intend to make, so I want once more to quote Anomia in describing the album as: \u201Can attempt to explore humour as a subversive tool that allows Pati\u00F1o to question, through a playful approach, rigid standards and a persistent excess of \u2018seriousness\u2019 in contemporary electronic music.\u201D This attempt, I feel, is an utter failure. There is nothing really very humorous or subversive about this album. It is a rather rote, bloodless bit of filter-noodling which might have might have scraped its way on to a Wire year-end list circa 2001, but which is now almost indistinguishable from the work of any teenager with a cracked FL Studio and the capacity to google free sample packs. In terms of questioning the \u2018seriousness\u2019 of contemporary electronic music, Pati\u00F1o is less successful than, say, Alessandro Bosetti in 2006, Hype Williams in 2009, PC Music in 2013, or 100 gecs in 2019. Perhaps he would do best to leave an art gallery once in a while, and give one of them a listen.[1]

Fl Studio 5 Crack Free Downloadl

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