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Game Of Thrones PC (2012) Free Download (Inclu ...

It's time to get the band back together. Both once-popular music franchises return for the first time since 2010, hoping to capitalize on that next-gen hardware you have sitting in your living room. Rock Band has the advantage of arriving first, though the Guitar Hero reboot will be available for more platforms. The new Rock Band will allow you to keep using all of those extra songs you purchased as DLC for past versions, and you can even use your older instruments if you still have them (though newer versions are also available). Gameplay is similar as well, though guitarists will have more freedom to solo, and there's an optional career-driven RPG element available (though the new game won't try to teach you how to play the guitar, as the previous version did). Of the two games, Guitar Hero appears the most changed. The new guitar controller has a more advanced button layout (with two rows of three buttons), and the on-screen presentation has been upgraded, with full-motion video that puts you on stage in what feels like a real concert. There's also a new feature called Guitar Hero TV, which is basically a delivery mechanism for scheduled content and new challenges. While Guitar Hero Live will include vocals, it lacks the bass and drum parts that are a staple of Rock Band, which could be a dealbreaker for some. Ultimately, however, the choice between the two games may come down to the songs: here are the tracks included with Rock Band 4 (and remember, all the old DLC is still available), and here's the list of songs for Guitar Hero Live, with new content added regularly (starting on day one) through Guitar Hero TV.

Game of Thrones PC (2012) Free Download (Inclu ...

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Ubisoft has high hopes for its latest Tom Clancy-branded tactical shooter, even though the previous major Rainbow Six title came out in 2008 (another, Rainbow 6: Patriots, was canceled despite years of development work and heavy early promotion) and despite the fact that Siege itself was recently delayed because of "player feedback" (i.e., of the negative sort). So what did Ubisoft's development team finally hit upon for the game's concept? New characters (including one voiced by Angela Bassett), an even greater emphasis on cooperative multiplayer, a new spectator mode (not available on consoles until after launch) and destructible environments add some minor new twists, but the best news is that the tension the series is known for appears to be here in abundance.

This sequel to the strong 2013 series reboot returns Camilla Luddington as the voice (and motion-captured body) of Lara Croft and continues to develop the more complex heroine's story after the traumatic events of the previous game. (Eventually, it'll be a trilogy.) Improvements include day/night cycles and realistic weather effects (including plenty of snow in its Russian setting, where a big chunk of the story occurs), better support for multiple play styles including refined stealth, guerrilla-style combat, and the ability to craft weapons, plus a renewed emphasis on large tombs and an explorable world that's three times larger than the previous game while again eliminating loading screens. Onlookers were impressed by the game's look at E3. But to the anger of non-Xbox gamers, Rise will be a timed exclusive on Microsoft consoles. A PC version should follow in early 2016, while PS4 owners will have to wait until late next year. 041b061a72


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