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Russian thistle is a bushy summer annual with numerous slender ascending stems that become quite woody at maturity. Stems vary from 8 to 36 inches in length and usually have reddish to purplish stripes. Seedlings have very finely dissected leaves that almost look like pine needles. Leaves of young plants are fleshy, dark green, narrow, and about 1 inch in length. Young plants are suitable for livestock forage and are sometimes grazed. As the plant matures in July through October, the older leaves become short and stiff with a sharp-pointed tip. The single, inconspicuous flowers lack petals and are borne above a pair of small spine-tipped bracts (a small modified leaf at the base of the flower) in most leaf axils (where the narrow leaves meet the stem). The bracts and spiny leaves prevent predation by herbivores as the plant nears maturity. The overall shape of the plant becomes oval to round and at maturity can attain a diameter of 18 inches to 6 feet or more under favorable soil moisture and fertility conditions. After the plant dries, the base of the stem becomes brittle and breaks off at soil level in fall and early winter. These round, spiny plants are capable of dispersing seed for miles as they tumble along in the wind. This dispersal characteristic has led to the more commonly used name of tumbleweed.

russsian mature


The Russian thistle plant is extremely drought tolerant. The taproot can extend several feet into the soil to reach subsurface moisture. Early leaves are linear and fleshy, much like pine needles, but as the plant matures, later leaves are short and spiny and much more capable of conserving moisture. Russian thistle normally matures in late summer. The seed is spread when mature plants detach at the base and are blown along by the wind. A large Russian thistle plant may produce more than 200,000 seeds. In spring, months after their dissemination, it is possible to trace the paths of tumbleweeds across plowed fields by the green trails of germinating Russian thistle seedlings.

Cultural practices such as those recommended for home landscapes can help control this plant along roadsides or in commercial crops. In addition, there are many herbicides that will control Russian thistle in agricultural crops and noncrop areas. Aim treatments at controlling the immature plants to prevent them from producing seed. The selection of an appropriate herbicide depends on the site or the crop.

Postemergent Herbicides. Postemergent herbicides are applied to plants, but timing is critical. For best results, these herbicides must be applied while the weed is in its early growth stages, preferably the early seedling stage, before it becomes hardened and starts producing its spiny branches. Do not use postemergent herbicides to try to control the mature seed (either on the plant or on the ground) as they are not effective for this purpose. Also, the later spiny stage of Russian thistle is not readily controlled by any postemergent herbicide. If rain or irrigation occurs after a postemergent application, additional seedlings may emerge and require future treatments. Postemergent herbicides that are effective when properly applied include dicamba (2,4-D, Banvel, or Vanquish), glufosinate (Finale, Liberty, or Rely), glyphosate (Roundup), and paraquat (Gramoxone).

Data on the contents of protein, fats and toxic compounds (PCB, DDT, gamma-Lindane) in breast milk Russian and Vietnamese women after timely and premature childbed are resulted. The contents of protein in transitive milk was higher than in mature milk, both timely childbed and premature one. The contents of protein in nature milk of the Vietnamese women was lower, than in mature milk of the Russian women (12 g/l against 16.5 g/l accordingly). The contents of fat in breast milk of the Russian women in lactation increased. Vietnamese women had very low fat level in mature milk (29 g/l against 42 g/l at the Russian women). The contents of toxic compounds (PCB, DDT, gamma-Lindane) in breast milk both, Vietnamese women and Russian women was rather high and significant frequency of detection of these compounds in milk was marked. The correlation contents of basic food components in breast milk and level of toxic compounds was absent.

But as democracy is a work in progress even where it is most mature, so it is a work in progress in Russia. We know that the civic institutions of a democratic society take time to develop, that a nation cannot leap all at once out of its history anymore than a person can leap out of his skin. We know that the path to a democratic future is not a straight or an easy one.

That requires China to be much more aggressive in isolating North Korea with the sanctions that have been imposed, so that we can really make it clear to North Korea that their only path forward is to negotiate with the international community. That requires strong, mature U.S. leadership. We need a game plan that can accomplish those types of objectives on the Korean Peninsula.

Typical stress-strain curves under compression: red curve, teenage dentin; blue curve, mature dentin. Compression strength of teenage dentin is less on about 20% than mature dentin, while their total deformation is the same.

TEM is also diffraction method, but it allows estimating the microstructure of small local areas in thin foils. It has shown that teenage dentin is mainly in amorphous state. It may be supposed that hexagonally grained inclusions, observed in the amorphous matrix, are the thin crystallites of hexagonal calcium hydroxyapatite on the basal plane (Figure 3(a)). Hence, calcium hydroxyapatite in teenage dentin is the mixture of amorphous and crystalline phases. However, the quantity of these crystallites (crystalline phase) is small in comparison with amorphous phase (tweed-contrast matrix) and its contribution to the diffraction pattern of teenage dentin is insufficient and does not lead to appearance of diffraction spots. The small quantity of the crystalline phase does not allow forming the diffraction contrast images from thin foil and, as a result, the high magnification images of young dentin cannot be taken [35]. The dark ribbons in the tweed-contrast matrix may be determined as the traces of collagen fibers in human dentin, because the fibers have similar size and orientation (Figure 3(b)) [14, 36, 37]. TEM study of mature dentin shows that ultrafine grains are its dominant structural state, whereas the amorphous phase is almost absent in thin foils. It should be noted that ultrafine grain state of the crystalline phase of calcium hydroxyapatite does not allow forming the clear diffraction contrast image at low magnifications [33]. Collagen fibers are never observed in the thin foils of mature dentin, inasmuch as the TEM images have been formed in the diffraction contrast, while the TEM images of teenage dentin have been formed in the diffusion contrast.

The article provides detailed life stories (supplemented by descriptive tables) of the five birth cohorts as they pass through four phases: childhood, early adult, mature adult and elderly. In the first instance, this takes into account general circumstances in the USSR/Russia: politics, economy, society, health conditions, health behaviours. The stories then consider developments for each cohort over the four phases in their human capabilities (education and training, income, enabling environment, medical care, and health status). The article argues that health-related capabilities (provision of medical care and health status) are especially important in relative terms in older age.

Foreign Minister Makei's visit to Kiev in August was the main diplomatic event in the bilateral relations in 2016. Makei held talks with Petro Poroshenko, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin and Vice Premier Hennady Zubko to discuss border management and the expansion of the trade and economic relations through the increased cooperation in the areas of mechanic engineering, energy, agribusiness, transport, defense and culture. Makei said after the talks that Belarus and Ukraine had "no unsolvable problems" and called the bilateral relations "mature partnership of the two states." He particularly thanked the president of Ukraine for his assistance in the resumption of the dialogue between Belarus, the European Union and the United States.

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