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Chainsmokers Call You Mine

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Chainsmokers Call You Mine

Musically, it's a prototypical 'Smokers cut where big drops and airy piano abound. Drew Taggart has found great success singing lead despite not being the strongest vocalist, but here, he and partner Alex Pall (plus Andrew Watt, Steve Mac, and more big behind-the-scenes songwriting names) wisely cede the space to Rexha, who owns it. She likewise owns the accompanying video, which also dropped Friday (May 31), and which features her enacting vengeance and taking Taggart and Pall out, likely permanently, with some poison.

But as for Rexha, she has already made her decision. Shestill wants to be able to call this person her boo. Indeed what she reallydesires is to bring their relationship back to the old days, where not onlywere things cooler between them, but they were also more committed to eachother. 59ce067264


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