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Oscar Merkushev
Oscar Merkushev

Live : The Rolling Stones, « Ladies And Gentlemen »

Ladies and Gentlemen features 16 tracks, including classics like Brown Sugar, Gimme Shelter, You Cant Always Get What You Want, and Jumpin Jack Flash. The album showcases the bands musical versatility, from bluesy ballads like Love In Vain to hard-rocking anthems like Street Fighting Man. The album also includes a stunning 12-minute version of Midnight Rambler, with Mick Jaggers charismatic vocals and harmonica, Keith Richards gritty guitar riffs, and Charlie Watts steady drumming.

Live : The Rolling Stones, « Ladies and Gentlemen »

Ladies and Gentlemen was originally released as a film soundtrack in 1974, but was not available on CD until 2017. The album has been remastered and is now available on Apple Music. You can stream it online or download it to your device and enjoy the live experience of The Rolling Stones anytime, anywhere.

Ladies and Gentlemen is more than just a live album. It is a historical document of one of the most influential and enduring rock bands of all time. It is a testament to their musical genius and their ability to connect with their fans. It is a must-have for any rock lover.

Another reason why Ladies and Gentlemen is a must-listen for any rock fan is the diversity of the songs. The album covers a wide range of genres and styles, from rock and roll to country to soul. The album also reflects the bands influences and inspirations, from Chuck Berry to Robert Johnson to Otis Redding. The album demonstrates the bands ability to adapt and innovate, while staying true to their roots and identity.

Ladies and Gentlemen is not only a live album, but also a film. The film was directed by Rollin Binzer and filmed in 16mm during four shows in Texas in 1972. The film features footage of the band on stage, as well as backstage scenes and interviews with the band members and their entourage. The film was originally released in 1974 in select theaters, but was not widely distributed until 2010, when it was restored and remastered. The film is now available on DVD and Blu-ray, as well as on streaming platforms like Amazon Prime Video and YouTube. c481cea774


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