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Weather Channel Screensaver

Roku's platform offers a lot to cord cutters. When you install the right channels, you can turn your Roku device into an all-in-one entertainment and information center that does more than just replace cable. We've already shown you how to access all of the news channels that you need, including local news. But to completely replace your cable package, you'll also want to add some channels that offer you up-to-the-minute weather forecasts.

Weather Channel Screensaver

Well, good news: Roku has plenty of channels that offer exactly that functionality. Which weather channel is right for you is largely a matter of personal preference, but we're here to help make your choice a little easier. Below is a list of a few of our favorite Roku weather channels, along with our thoughts on each of them. Start your search for the perfect Roku weather channel here!

We talked a bit about NewsON in our post on how to watch live TV on Roku, and we also reviewed it at length. NewsON gives you a live stream of your nearest participating local news station. Since most local news stations offer local weather reports once every ten minutes, NewsON is a great source for weather information. And if the local news was were you got your weather information before, you can switch over to NewsON without changing your routine! The downside to NewsON, as we noted in our review, is that it still doesn't have every cord cutter covered. You'll have to check to see if one of your nearby news stations is participating.

Radar HD is a screensaver, not a channel. It's convenient in that it will show you radar images and weather information whenever your Roku goes to sleep. The downside: this is a pricey product. You'll have to pay a subscription fee of $3.99/month to get it. If you ask us, that's way too steep.

Weather4us is probably the best of the non-video weather options on Roku. It offers a 7-day forecast and even by-the-hour information, as well as radar views and other perks. It has more information than competitors like Weather Underground, but the presentation and user experience are less elegant. You can get Weather4us for free if you don't mind dealing with ads, or you can shell out the $3.99/year and get the ad-free version. The premium version also offers a screensaver. The ads on the free version are just banners, not videos, so you'll likely find that you can live with them.

This no-frills channel puts basic weather information on your screen. Just set your location and enjoy a quick look at the weather whenever you need it. The home view offers a little less information than the other channels, but you'll still get a five-day forecast and can access some more in-depth information by clicking around. Weather Underground has the best user experience of these channels, and we found this one to be the best weather app for everyday use. Real weather buffs, however, may find that it doesn't have enough detail.

If you're looking for weather information, Roku has you covered, with channels that provide live video reporting, current local conditions, forecasts, local and regional radar, and national weather maps. Not everyone will agree on what is "best" because not everyone is looking for the same thing in a weather app. With that in mind, here is our selection of the best Roku apps for whatever type of weather coverage you're looking for.

Our first selection doesn't provide as much weather information as the other apps in this list, but it's our most-used Roku weather app. Weather Screensaver displays local weather conditions and a 5-day weather forecast for any location you select while your Roku is idle. The app displays current actual and "feels like" temperatures, sky cover, and wind speed and direction, along with sunrise and sunset times. Also displayed is a slideshow of scenic images that correspond to your current local weather. If it's raining out, you'll see a rainy-day photo. Unless it's nighttime, when you'll see a rainy-night photo. Beautiful blue sky at your location? Your Roku will be showing a beautiful sunny day. Note that this screensaver costs $0.99/month; we normally prefer to highlight free apps, but we feel that this one is well worth the small monthly fee. Read our full review of Weather Screensaver here.

Weather4us - Weather4us is still our overall top pick for a Roku weather app because of the detailed weather information it provides. This is the app for weather geeks. If the lack of live reporting isn't a deal-killer, you'll find a wealth of information on Weather4us, including a detailed 7-day full-text forecasts, easy access to hourly forecasts, weather alerts, and time-lapse local and regional radar. The app includes lots of NWS graphics and climate information as well. All of this is available in the free ad-supported version of Weather4us, but you can purchase an ad-free version that also includes a Roku screensaver that displays more than two dozen NWS graphics while your Roku is idle. Read our full review of Weather4us here.

WeatherNation - If you're looking for live weather reporting and video on demand featuring regional forecasts, WeatherNation is the channel you need. It offers a live stream of weather reporting and forecasting along with video on demand that includes Space & Science, Top Weather Videos, and Weather Remix. Probably of most, interest, though, is the Weather On Demand category that includes Top Stories, Headlines, Top Severe, Extended Outlook, Beach Forecast, and four regional forecasts. In addition to the 24/7 live broadcast and VOD, you can also view very 36-hour and 7-day forecasts and current weather advisories. Ten images and weather maps are also available, including Radar, Satellite, Advisories, and current temperatures, winds, dew points, and more. Read our full review of WeatherNation here.

The Weather Network - The Weather Network offers current weather conditions, forecasts, and maps along with video on demand, but you'll find the available information to be much more limited than what is found on WeatherNation. You'll find graphical 36-hour, hourly, and 14-day forecasts, along with current precipitation potential (POP) and wind speeds. Read our full review of The Weather Network here.

The original 24-hour weather broadcaster, The Weather Channel, is included on our latest list of the best weather apps on Roku, but after a 10-minute trial period it's available only to those who already get The Weather Channel through a participating pay TV provider. If you fall into that category, you'll find this app to be useful on TVs not connected by cable to your TV service, and it also provides 7-day daily and hourly forecasts along with VOD content. Read our full review of The Weather Channel here.

It's not one of our top picks, but you can also find weather maps and charts on the free Weather Radar private channel. In addition, many local news channels, found in the News & Weather category of the Roku channel store, also offer local weather forecasts.

6) You now have all the Lock Screen widgets for various weather conditions. Swipe left to see them all and tap the one you want to use. I find the Conditions widget pretty helpful. You can decide based on your needs. Note that you can add up to two big rectangle widgets, up to four small square widgets, and up to one big and two small widgets.

But you can add bigger and more interactive weather widgets to your iPhone Home Screen and Today View. Once added, tap and hold the widget > Edit Widget and choose the city whose weather reports you want to see in the widget.

If you want to see the weather conditions of any city without unlocking your iPhone, add the widget from a third-party weather app to the Lock Screen. Another way is to use the iOS Weather widget in the Today View. You can access this widget by swiping right on the Lock Screen.

Finally, if you use Sleep Schedule on your iPhone, it will show you the weather report on your Lock Screen every morning when you wake up. Must see: How to set your iPhone to automatically play music when you stop the morning alarm

iOS 16 allows you to use a smart wallpaper that changes your iPhone Lock Screen based on the weather in your location. To do that, go to iPhone Settings > Wallpaper > Add New Wallpaper. Next, pick Weather from the top and tap Add > Set as Wallpaper Pair.

Free weather Screensavers are a great way to keep up with the weather without having to open up the browser every time you want to check the weather. They are easy to use and don't take up desktop space, unlike browsers that eat up a lot of memory with each tab that is opened. However, you should choose the right one for your needs. Here are three that you might want to consider.

U.S. Maps - The Weather Channel's Free weather Screensaver is one of the best on the market. With the app, you can choose a map that is suited for your region and select the number of hours you want to see the forecast for each hour. You can even customize your location by choosing different maps. This app is easy to install and will also update the current weather. YoWindow Weather - The weather app that lets you see live weather scenes and sunrises and sunsets.

Living Marine Aquarium - This app is free and has several different reef scenarios. You can also customize the app's background to match your personal tastes and preferences. The free version has two cartoonish themes, while the paid version offers unlimited themes. There are also many other versions of the app that you can download for free or purchase. The only catch is that the pro version has fewer features and more advertisements. The free version has two different clock and weather themes, while the pro version has infinite themes.

Hi. I recently added a new screensaver and it says "Weather and Clock widgets available," but I don't want those widgets. How do I turn them off so I can just enjoy the screensaver pictures? The clock one is already hidden, but the weather one won't go away.


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