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Cd Replication

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CDs and DVDs are still an important merch table and promotional item for independent artists. Solid-Merch supports indie musicians with a full array of disc duplication, replication, printing and packaging for CDs, DVDs, and Blu-Ray. Enjoy professional disc replication from 200 units, or get shorter runs and faster turns with disc duplication!

Duplicated discs (often called burned discs) are made by burning tiny holes in the dye layer of a recordable CDR or DVDR. It is the same process as when you burn a disc on your home computer. We use the highest quality CD-Rs on the market to ensure maximum quality and compatibility. This is more cost effective for small runs and takes much less time to produce. There is not really any audible difference between replication and duplication. There might be a small percentage of older CD players or car stereos that is unable to play duplicated CDs. This is rare, but it does occasionally happen.Replicated discs (often called pressed discs) are made by first creating a glass master, then stampers that make exact clones using high-tech injection-molding. A coat of reflective aluminum is added and finally it gets sealed with a protective coat of lacquer hardened by ultraviolet light. Because of this extensive set up process, it is common to require a minimum of 500 discs for replication.

While we're best known for our High-volume CD Disc replication services, if you only need a small quantity of discs, check out our short run CD replication options: most orders are completed in 7 days or less!

All our CD replication prices include an Eclipse Analytics review of your submitted ISO files or CD-R master to verify proper playability and accuracy as well as glass-mastering and subsequent nickel-plated stampers.

CD / DVD replication is the mass production of a CD or DVD that is compatible with all CD / DVD drives and players. We can handle quantities as low as 500 pieces and all Diskcopy replicated CD / DVDs will be either silk-screened or offset printed directly on the surface of the disc just like any commercial product.

CD replication process utilizes a stamper to generate a digital mirror image of your master disc. Used in a press that takes together plastics, metals and bonding agents, this stamps an exact copy of your original master CD disc.

To help you better understand each CD replication service we provide, here are some explanations:CD replication is manufacturing CD's using an injection molding process. This CD manufacturing technique is generally the best if you want at least 1,000 CD's and can wait a couple of weeks for delivery. We can and regularly do provide faster CD replication service, so ask for details.

CD ROM replication refers to CD "Read Only Memory," as opposed to "Re-Writeable Memory." The vast majority of CD's are CD ROM's. Re-Writeable CD's ("CD-RW or CD+RW) appeal to people because of the notion that they can re-use the CD's repeatedly. The problem with RW discs is that they are incompatible with most devices other than the one that created the disc, and thus are generally unsuitable for disseminating information.

Need CD Duplication, DVD Duplication, VINYL PRESSING, AUDIO MASTERING, in new york city, brooklyn, long island, or nearby Look no further than MORPHIUS RECORDS, one of the east coast's top choices for CD / DVD replication & duplication & VINYL LACQUER CUTTING AND RECORD PRESSING for independent musicians, record labels, multimedia companies and designers in THE new york AREA.

If you have data that needs to be shared en masse or have a large amount of information you need stored and archived, take advantage of high-quality CD duplication and CD replication services through Chicago Print Group, Inc. We offer services that will help you store or reproduce data without compromising quality.

CD replication is recommended if you need to produce more than 500 pieces. This process is more complex than the duplication of CDs and therefore takes longer to complete.


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