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As with the other two RE collection which we've covered, it will be one of the best-selling games at retail. Of course PC players will be more accustomed to retail pack-ins and, as such, we're likely to see the platform seeing fewer of these collector's editions. But since Capcom has now re-established itself as a mid-tier platform for more conventional releases, the Resident Evil 6 Triple Pack PC could well prove popular. We've got more details on the Resident Evil 6 PC collection below.

We've assembled the features that make the collection an excellent purchase, and what you can expect from it. Having a chance (or being forced) to revisit the City and Village of Los Perdidos is probably the single most standout feature here. Developers returning to these areas with a fresher eye can breathe new life into them while, in the case of Leon and Claire, offering up a nostalgic trip back to their beginnings. We're not alone in thinking this. The RE Wiki lists the game as one of the greatest accomplishments of the survival horror game genre. The Resident Evil 5 and Resident Evil 6 are also listed as the best games of 2016 by the Inquisitr and Game Revolution. Not only that, but the Resident Evil brand now has a foothold among PC gaming conventions, such as the Popular Games Fund International Gamer's Day March 2016 - a long weekend devoted to games which is currently ongoing, with others across Europe scheduled to take place shortly thereafter.

We've also covered the PC version with a review, so check that out if you're interested in reading more on the titles included in the Triple Pack. For the full details about the Prince of Darkness himself, Braver, and how he has transformed into the Mastermind, check out our review of Resident Evil 6. d2c66b5586


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