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What You Need to Know About KORG Triton 1.0.0 - The Last Masterpiece of the 20th Century

With Triton you can finally enjoy the expressive sound of a real acoustic instrument with the advanced synthesis power of a traditional synthesizer. Triton and Triton Studio are the true synthesizer instruments of choice. Triton can help you create your own sonic dreams. It's a versatile and intuitive synth that provides 24-bit/192kHz audio quality with expanded MIDI features. KORG's flagship instrument line, Korg's ultra-compact TRITON recording workstation is your affordable solution to all types of recording and MIDI for pro sound production. In addition to its extensive 32-track instrument and effects recording capability, it also has a 40-track MIDI sequencer with full compatibility with Korg's Triton and Triton Studio workstations.

KORG Triton 1.0.0


This a highly sought-after workstation. KORG Triton is available in a wide variety of models 61, 72, 76, 88, and 92 key models, pianos, small and large step models, with or without built-in mixer and equalizer, plus model FD. KORG Triton and Korg Triton(s) are synonyms. The latter is the name of the programs keyboard version of the workstation Triton. The workstation is a powerful digital sampler, synthesizer, multi-timbral workstation for both keyboard and MIDI. Offering a diverse set of tools and features, the Triton is widely used as a studio workstation as well as a live performance tool.

The Korg Triton is a widely used workstation. It is used by producers and DJs for recording, live performing and composing. The Triton was released in 2002 and features audio and software synthesizers, sequencer with onboard recording capability. Tritons are similar to the Korg W (also with 61 / w / FD / K series) and are the last known Korg workstations based on the sampling sound generator HI (Hyper Integrated). Previous models of the Korg Trinity workstation have been worked on the same sound, especially the first series of the Korg W (also with 61 / w / FD / K series). The image of the top of the KORG Triton 91XFD is used for the KORG W91XFD. Like the previous Trinity models, the release notes have detailed information about what has changed between the previous version of the Triton and the current Triton 91FD. The instruments in the Triton are compressed, making them fit on a CD. The Triton is a sampling workstation and is a perfect blend of digital sampling and acoustic instruments. The Triton is a great tool for producers and composers. Its sequencer, mixer, and effects lets you record, sample, and create your music.


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