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An overwhelming majority of Americans often have good ideas for improving their communities. People who are not active in local government tend to focus on public policies that attempt to fix material problems such as homelessness and education, while more focused citizen engagement tends to be directed toward benefiting the lives of people on a personal level. Whether one’s motivation is civic engagement or extension of one’s personal identity, a library is an important medium for providing access to information, fostering civic literacy and involvement, and encouraging a thoughtful and progressive discourse. (This is the rationale behind the Community Library Service Team. We are also known as the "Library-in-a-Box-Lotto," because we deliver (most of) our services via a "library-in-a-box" system.)

Each year, over 50 million people get a brain scan during a routine checkup. But it's often the same—a low-resolution MRI image, often taken without a contrast. New imaging technology, however, can get a much better look at the brain, better see the difference between normal and abnormal, good and bad. That's what Dr. Pierre Michaud and Adrienne Séguin at the Montreal Neurological Institute and Hospital in Canada have done through a new research approach, through a multi-year collaboration between the Mount Sinai School of Medicine, the Montreal Neurological Institute and Hospital, and private industry. They've found that such tests performed as part of routine care can detect up to 50 per cent of people with mild cognitive impairment, which many doctors call the mildest form of dementia. (Note: MRI is not the only test that may be useful for investigating adults with memory issues. Infrared imaging, for example, can also pick up subtle changes in blood flow and oxygenation in the brain.)

A number of cutting-edge MRI techniques make it possible to look more carefully at the brain. In fact, some of these techniques are receiving an unaccustomed amount of attention lately, due to their ability to characterize various types of brain dysfunction as clearly as ever. Medical schools are informing their students, researchers are rethinking how they interact with their own brains and medical professionals are analyzing research results to better understand these different types of disorders. d2c66b5586


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