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Lash babes

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John Martin
John Martin

Micheal's Zombies Script [Insta Reload] [Kill A...

Ability: When in sight, the APU will pepper you with bullets with a fast rate of fire from any range. They may also try to move to your location in the process. They also don't reload. Getting into very close proximity to a APU will trigger them to stomp you, instantly killing you (does not ignore Overcharged) and mangling you in the process.Unlike the Infantry , they are very capable of strafing and their fast movement speed makes them annoying to deal with once they start moving.

Micheal's Zombies Script [Insta Reload] [Kill A...


Ability: When in mid-long range, Tempest will strike Dummies with lightning, dealing moderate damage at first, but lightning chains to other Dummies in close-mid proximity, amplifying the damage dealt. Tempest will reload after 6 shots. If a Dummy gets in melee range of Tempest, he will discharge an electricity impulse, insta-killing any Dummies in the range (ignores Overcharged). 041b061a72


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