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John Martin
John Martin

My Little Monster (2018)

Apart from the variable quality of acting, the other flawed aspect of Monster was the use of background score: most of the time, there was no music at all; and then occasionally, for some brief narrative scenes, there was suddenly an intense instrumental backdrop. Either all or nothing and the transition was a little too abrupt.

My Little Monster (2018)

The cinematography was sharp though, and production in general interestingly done. There were a few scenes with momentary (almost subliminal) images flashing amongst the dialogue to reinforce a message, most notably in an early scene and then again near the end. Also, a couple of times, it seemed the speaker was talking directly to the camera in a monologue, getting carried away with explaining their inner workings. In one of those scenes, the camera then turns to show an imaginary audience, so that the speaker gained reinforcement (almost justification) of his unpleasant approach. I just wish the acting overall had been a little better, as the presentation of the story was generally very good, and despite some familiar aspects, the plot was not predictable.

"A perfect combination of adventure, humor, and pure imagination!" --Jessica Day George, New York Times best-selling author of Tuesdays at the Castle "Funny, scary, and endlessly inventive." --Bruce Coville, author of Jeremy Thatcher, Dragon Hatcher Sophie loves the hidden shop below her parents' bookstore, where dreams are secretly bought and sold. When the dream shop is robbed and her parents go missing, Sophie must unravel the truth to save them. Together with her best friend--a wisecracking and fanatically loyal monster named Monster--she must decide whom to trust with her family's carefully guarded secrets. Who will help them, and who will betray them? 041b061a72


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