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John Martin

QGIS. Becoming A GIS Power User

This Learning Path will get you up and running with QGIS. We start off with an introduction to QGIS and create maps and plugins. Then, we will guide you through Blueprints for geographic web applications, each of which will teach you a different feature by boiling down a complex workflow into steps you can follow. Finally, you'll turn your attention to becoming a QGIS power user and master data management, visualization, and spatial analysis techniques of QGIS.

QGIS. Becoming a GIS Power User


Symbology is a powerful feature, making maps come to life and the data in yourGIS easier to understand. In the topic that follows (Vector Attribute Data)we will explore more deeply how symbology can help the user to understand vectordata.

Mike is with the US Army Corps of Engineers, Remote Sensing GIS Center,and has been a longtime supporter of FOSS. Most recently he is workingvery hard with Howard Butler to develop an Open Source point cloudtranslation library, PDAL [1]. Mike is also very active in theMapServer [2] community, as one of its most vocal power users, and in2011 he was named to the MapServer Project Steering Committee [3].

However, the fact it doesn't include any 'bells and whistles' of GUI/Webserver, and has minimal documentation - suggests its for the "power user" willing to do a lot of their own work. The upside of this is access to the core routing capability fairly directly, via fairly lean Python codebase -as compared to #OpenTripPlanner larger and arguably more complex Java setup. 041b061a72


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