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Misaki No Mayoiga !NEW!

Yes, you are correct! misaki no mayoiga(岬のマヨイガ) is consciously quoting Tolkien within the framework of Japanese mythology. The Agame monster who Yui kills is very similar to Yamata no Orochi (ヤマタノオロチ) who Susanoo kills.

Misaki no Mayoiga

Want to thank The Infinite Zenith for this review of misaki no mayoiga(岬のマヨイガ). I had not even heard of this work, and after research on the net, there is very little in the way of reviews and recommendations. Mal has it at 6.73, IMDB at 6.9, and ANN does not even rate the work. I guess this movie being lost fits the theme rather well. The ranking here by Zenith of 9/10 is much more in accord with the quality of this work.

Join us for a special screening of the new Japanese anime film The House of the Lost on the Cape (岬のマヨイガ) Misaki no mayoiga based on the original novel by Sachiko Kashiwaba (柏葉幸子) who will be at the book signing at 7:00 pm and the Q & A session following the screening. 041b061a72


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