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[S3E18] Dead To Me

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Sun is walking through Seoul, talking to Jin on her cell phone. They laugh about her getting used to being called "Mrs. Kwon" and she tells him "love you madly" before ending the call. She sits down on a bench next to an older woman. After Sun hangs up, the woman strikes up a conversation. She points out Sun and Jin's wedding announcement in the newspaper and asks about Jin's family. Sun tells the woman Jin's parents are dead. The woman says that she finds it odd that a member of the powerful Paik family would marry the son of a fisherman, then demands $100,000, or else she will reveal that Jin's mother was a prostitute.

Later, she meets with the blackmailer, and as she hands over the money, asks her why she did not say she was Jin's mother. The older woman remarks that she may have given birth to him, but that does not make her his mother. Sun hesitates before letting go of the money, and, after reminding the older woman of the remark made at their earlier meeting regarding how powerful Sun's family is, tells her "My husband thinks his mother is dead. Don't make me have to make that a reality." Sun walks away with her head held high.

President David Palmer contemplates Saunders' last demand with Chief of Staff Wayne Palmer. He doesn't see how he can execute Ryan Chappelle. Wayne says that there is no alternative due to what is happening as they speak. David asks how long he must comply with Saunders, and Wayne replies until they find Saunders. At CTU, Ryan Chappelle is working on following Saunder's money trails. Jack Bauer arrives and tells him about the hard drive from MI6. Chappelle gives him an update on their search for Saunders. It's not going well, but Chappelle is doing good on following the trails, although he has met many dead ends.

Analyst Chloe O'Brian comes in and tells Jack that the President wants to speak to him in private. Jack takes the call. President Palmer tells him about Saunders' call. He states bluntly that Saunders wants Ryan Chappelle dead by 7 AM. Jack asks why. Palmer does not know. He does not feel good about having to go with the demand. Jack says they may find Saunders before then. Palmer apologizes for putting this on Jack. After the call ends, Jack asks Chloe what she is doing to find Saunders. Chloe is relaying all of their data to Division. Jack wants her to start her search here. Chloe will follow the money trails, but wants to clear it with Chappelle. Jack tells her no, even though Chappelle outranks Jack. Chloe still says she will ask him. Jack tells her to do it because of the importance. She agrees.

Ryan and Jack are still working. Ryan is still hitting dead ends. He doesn't believe they can find Saunders by 7 AM. He yells at Jack because Jack might have to kill him. Jack keeps telling him that they may find him. Ryan thinks Saunders might want him dead for another reason. Jack tells him to refuse to give in to Saunders tactics, and to keep working with Chloe.

The Bio-Ship arrives at the Youth Center. Aquaman is waiting outside with Eduardo Dorado Sr., Eduardo Jr., Bart, and Jaime. The Outsiders land and approach the group. Geo-Force checks his phone again to see if Violet texted back. Nothing. Static suggests that her phone might be dead.

Kira lies on her bed, studying. She reaches up to turn on her bedside lamp and finds the bulb dead. As Kira pulls off the lampshade, she calls out to her mum, asking if they have any spare bulbs. The bulb flickers back to life in her hands. Kira tries again and electricity flares from her fingers, lighting the lamp.

Rygel is first out, but is hesitant when Crichton speaks to him. Crais is next, but when Aeryn steps out and Crichton acknowledges the "familiar face," she simply says "Hello John" and walks away. Immediately noticing a problem, Crichton asks what's wrong and Crais informs him that the other Crichton is dead.

The plan is to shoot the pod with a harpoon and board it to retrieve Rygel that way. Crichton worries the shot won't hold, but


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