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Cappie and Rebecca begin a secret romance while Casey and Rusty try to get over their respective exes. The university begins to impose severe restrictions on the Greek system in response to the newspaper article. A ZBZ alumna, Lizzie, comes to live with the sisters to ensure National's standards are enforced. The ZBZs pair up with the Kappa Taus to throw a Gatsby-themed Prohibition party. Rusty has some trouble accepting that he and Calvin are in rival fraternities, but they end up solving their differences in the season finale. Cappie and Rebecca go public about their relationship, which makes Casey uneasy. By accepting Frannie back into the sorority, Lizzie leaves Casey and the rest of the ZBZs. In light of the Greek Ball, there is a flashback to freshman year. Cappie and Evan used to be roommates and decided to rush together. Both were admitted to Kappa Tau, but Evan left after discovering he was only admitted because of Cappie. Cappie and Casey started dating, but Casey was stood up, waiting for Cappie to pick her up for the ball. Frannie confronted Cappie for standing up Casey. But Casey decided to go to the ball with Evan, and the two wound up together by the end of the night. Back in the present, Casey, Ashleigh and Frannie decide to go to the ball together, without dates, and Cappie goes with Rebecca. The season opens up with Greek Week, a competition among the sororities and fraternities. Rebecca decides to coach the Kappa Taus, who find her controlling and rude. Frannie coaches the Omega Chis and Casey coaches the Lambda Sigs. Casey tries to flirt with the Lambda Sig president, but Evan pays him to stay away from Casey. The Kappa Taus protest against the CRU board, with the help of Evan, and the Greeks retain their special treatment on campus. Rusty begins a "fun buddy" relationship with University Students Against Greeks ('USAG') member and Dale's friend, Tina, which ends because Rusty feels uncomfortable having casual sex. After breaking up with her via text message, Rusty learns she had crabs. Meanwhile, Casey attempts to move on from Evan multiple times, all of which were unsuccessful. However, Evan still isn't over Casey and enlists Calvin to prevent other suitors from talking to her. Calvin begins a relationship with Michael (Max Greenfield). Casey tries to become more serious about her future by seeking Evan for help with pre-law. Everyone goes to Myrtle Beach for spring break. There, Ashleigh encounters the "hotness monster" and becomes obsessed with finding him. Rebecca finds out her dad is involved with a prostitution ring and gets extremely drunk. She enters a wet T-shirt concert and ends up breaking up with Cappie since he is "beneath her". Cappie and Casey take a stroll down the beach and end up kissing. However, Cappie realizes what happened to Rebecca and decides to go back and comfort her. Evan and Frannie spark a relationship and Rusty and Calvin work out their differences.

The first image we see in season 2's opening credits shows a man bowing to a curtseying woman -- a scene of what appears to be traditional Renaissance lovers (the style of art that emerged in Italy in the late 14th century). Here, titles creators Crawford and Bashore are setting up the themes of the Sicily-set second season: Where season 1 focused on privilege and colonialization, season 2 explores themes of male heterosexuality. In an interview, they also revealed that the coinciding image when an actor's name appears reflects the traits and journey of their character. Here, actor F. Murray Abraham's name appears -- he plays Bert Di Grasso, Dominic's elderly, womanizing father.

VIRGINIA BEACH If you enjoy alfresco dining, you need to know about Ammos. Open for three seasons now on the Boardwalk across from the 14th Street Fishing Pier, Ammos Authentic Greek Cuisine offers excellent Greek dishes, super-friendly service and open-air dining.

Your Word Bank is a collection of vocabulary that you build from the vocabulary provided in the Lessons, Dictionary or Core Word Lists. You can open your word bank in a print friendly format for easy printing, export into an XML, CSV or PDF or drill your Word Banks with My Flashcards. With each entry, we'll show you the translation, class and related audio lessons. Use labels to organize your Banks into easy to manage categories. Easily delete entries by selecting and clicking "Delete Selected Words".

Before any youth under 18 years of age shall take or attempt to take any species protected by Section 2.2 of this Code for which an open season is established, he or she shall first procure and possess a valid Youth Hunting and Trapping License. The Youth Hunting and Trapping License is one license and shall be a renewable license that shall expire on the March 31 following the date of issuance. 153554b96e


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