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Slave's Sword: A Review of the Prison Escape RPG by Kagura Games and Circle Poison

This greatsword is in fact a different, much older, version of the Executioner's Greatsword. Its item description mentions that Gael carried this weapon from beginning to end, possibly confirming that Gael was once an executioner and the blade's original owner. However, beginning can have many meanings and may refer to the start of Gael's pilgrimage to find the blood of the Dark Soul.

Slave's Sword cheats

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Luna is strong and determined. This makes hentai content feel that much sexier. Even when she gets captured and gangbanged for three days straight, has her vagina used as a glory hole, she recovers quickly and pushes forward regardless. If you like seeing strong protagonists reduced to cum sluts, you will definitely enjoy Slaves Sword.

Made you think there's something to learn from just reading this page, but your time has come to a close. Hopefully you have seen our character guide on Slaves Sword. If you still haven't, read it.

This is one of the easiest set ups for the boss. You just need two, one of them being a lesser weapon with almost no defense and you will receive the third weapon from Vordt's.Use an Enchanted Arch Blade paired with an Arbalest loaded with firebombs (Works best with Fire Surge if you don't have any torches already). Once phase two begins it can switch to a less damaging weapon like a rapier or longsword but that is up to you. Again, don't waste a single fireball; you want to survive phase 2 more than you want to kill Gael.

If you'd like, you can use level 10 shields or mace or other equipments as a gap filler for Gael's second phase. Also, most experienced PvPers agree that is a good idea to change your windjammer after halfway because of the bad lag. The only thing you need is Felsong Sword with the Burst ability, and a rare enchanted longsword, such as the second pass of Gilded Blade or the second pass of Dragovian Sword with the Burst ability. If it's a critical hit, use Simulacrum on the Felsong Sword to create a copy. Use an Arch Blade and a Torch. Light a firebomb and use the Burst ability. Set the slow to 15%, and let the firebomb kill the fire resistance on Gael's weapon and buff a flame crit to burn through his armor. If that takes too long, use the Burst ability on the Arch Blade, and a firebomb to burn through his armor.


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