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Samuel Brown
Samuel Brown

[S1E3] Sympathy For The Devil

Nevertheless, she is sufficiently concerned to approach Kathleen later in the episode, asking, "So I guess it's true?" Kathleen, responding with superficial cordiality, says that she has found truth to be relative (a perspective Monica rejects as illusory: "you make it look that way"). Kathleen invites her to catch up later, "angel to angel", but Monica remarks that Kathleen is no angel anymore: "You know what you are!" (i.e., Kathleen has crossed the line to become a devil or demon). Monica's general attitude seems more like mild indignation than profound shock that a former friend of hers has joined the dark side, and her attitude encountering Kathleen may even appear slightly self-righteous.

[S1E3] Sympathy for the Devil


The best moment came when they showed the video of the dirty dozen. It's twisted poetic justice, but I honestly say I had no sympathy for any of the men. I am still impatiently waiting for more information on Jennifer and the entire vigilante group. 041b061a72


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