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Huevitos Congelados (2022) UPD

Huevitos congelados (formerly Un gallo congelado) is an animated comedy film, and the fifth and final installment of the Huevos series. It was released exclusively on streaming as a Vix+ original on December 14, 2022.

Huevitos Congelados (2022)


The film was first announced in 2018, alongside Un rescate de huevitos, and would be released in 2022 afterwards. Miguel Rodarte and Arath de la Torre were also reported to join the voice cast as antagonists. It was originally titled as "Un gallo congelago".[4][5] Gabriel Riva suggested the film would be the final installment to the Huevos film series, noting the life cycle changes of all films leading up to Congelados. "Now with [Huevitos congelados] everything is closed. When we did the fifth[...] up to there, we can't think of anything else. Thus, [the fifth is] the closing of cycles, [which] is something very dramatic," said Gabriel.[6]

Han pasado apenas unos meses de que Un rescate de huevitos ganara el Ariel a Mejor largometraje de animación y Huevocartoon ya está de vuelta con su quinta película. Se trata de Huevitos congelados. 041b061a72


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